Victoria B Massage with Alex Venice Part 1

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Victoria B Massage with Alex Venice Part 1


I think these massage videos Ive been doing are some of the sexiest and most sensual on LittleMutt. There is nothing like oiled skin. Most porn never gives you the time to savor and examine in close-up the absolute beauty of girls bodies or see them experience complete pleasure and release. I have been training Alex Venice in the art of sensual massage; she has great hands, and is learning that its all about making mental contact with the person you are massaging so that your hands can go to the places that need the most attention. Victoria was Alexs first patient and I think if you asked Victoria if it was a great experience you would be listening for a long time. Victoria came away with that silly grin on her face that says complete orgasmic satisfaction. Later she confided in me that she had never had orgasms so intense. Gee, really?



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