Allison Pierce Does Amber Rayne Massage Full MP4

Clip Time: 28 Minutes Clip Size: 481/kb
Allison Pierce Does Amber Rayne Massage Full MP4

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My massage series seem to be very popular so here comes another for you and it is a hardcore spectacular. Im calling this massage video The Rub Down because Allison was much more interested in rubbing Ambers private parts than her shoulders. Allison manages to get her fingers into everything and I do mean lots of fingers, three fingers in Ambers pussy and yes, count them, four in her ass. Im beginning to wonder if Amber is the only girl in the world to have a prostrate. She sure likes to be rubbed there. There are butt beads, dildos and a couple of Ambers extremely animated loud orgasms. Its fun for all. Coming soon is Allisons turn, the tattoo on Ambers wrist disappears. Guess where.

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