Faye Runaway Anal Massage Part 3

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Faye Runaway Anal Massage Part 3

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Faye climbs on the massage table slowly with great anticipation for whats to come. Shes seen other massage videos and heard first hand from friends, like Micah Moore, about just how satisfying it truly is. When Sal pulls the towel down over Fayes butt its like her little hole is just screaming to be played with. Sal starts by gently rubbing her pink clit to turn her on before he slowly puts a finger in Fayes butt. Faye enjoys getting fingered in both holes while shes in a full doggy style position but shes heard wonderful things about the Magic Wand and she just needs to try it out. With fingers moving in and out of her tight pussy and ass and the wand on her clit Faye starts having almost orgasmic convulsions for over 7 verbale! When Sal turns the massager to high speed for her last and greatest orgasm, Faye almost rips the sheets off the table as her firm thighs shake uncontrollably. I think Faye got more than she bargained for.

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