Corrin and Wenona Massage Full MP4

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Corrin and Wenona Massage Full MP4

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We seem to be in a theme mode lately. Here is one of the most sensual videos were ever put up. Wenona, among her many talents, gives a great massage. She is strong, sensitive and has the great hands. Corrin wasnt ready for a girl/girl video but was willing to have a massage from another girl. I really dont think she knew what she was getting into but you can be sure she was glad she did it. After it was over she walked around in a daze saying she never thought that she could have an orgasm that strong. I think she is ready for a girl/girl video now. I love this video because it is a slow lingering close-up study of the beauty of a young girls body in detail. Corrin has one of the best Ive seen.

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