Shy College Girl Erotic Massage Model tryout in WMV

Clip Time: 17 Minutes Clip Size: 377/kb
Shy College Girl Erotic Massage Model tryout in WMV

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I was at a local hipster bar hanging out having a couple drinks when I struck up some conversation with some shy ladies. They were all college girls and eventually I ended up taking one home. She was quiet but kinda kinky in the sack. She wanted to know what I do for fun so I told her I love massages and she was into giving and receiving as well. I asked her if I could film our massage action she could do it as a massage model she was totally down. Just my luck!! Excellent fun from first time model you can see she is very shy but willing.. I rub her back, butt and thighs and calves then move to her inner legs with the towel off and try to focus on her vagina as I start warming her up. Check out this first part you will want to start wanking off right away! This is the second part of the clip after I call for the "flip" and she flips over. I start massaging her stomach and then her titties. I position her legs so you can see her crotch and then I work my way down her legs into her vagina area. She squirms and is really really wet you can tell she was totally turned on. I finger her until she can’t take it anymore. SHY AMATURE COLLEGE MODEL

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