Riley’s Four Hand Massage Part 5

Clip Time: 5 Minutes Clip Size: 118/kb
Riley's Four Hand Massage Part 5

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Whats better than a two hand massage? Of course it is four hands. Aurora loved her first massage and wanted me to teach her my patented techniques. I usually dont share my secrets but how could I say no? Riley Winters was, shall we say, excited at the prospect. Turns out Aurora loved doing it and learned very quickly but I still had to take over at the end to give Riley a screaming series of orgasms with the magic wand. She almost fell off the table. Aurora and I left an exhausted Riley to recover with a nap and on the way back to my place Aurora couldnt stop giggling, she discovered there is a lot of satisfaction in giving. Maybe next time Ill let her do it all by herself. Fat chance, that was too much fun.

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