Marisa’s full length Massage in WMV HD

Clip Time: 31 Minutes Clip Size: 633/kb
Marisa's full length Massage in WMV HD

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My friend Marisa wanted to be a model. When I threw out to her that modeling could include an Erotic Massage she went for it. I setup my table and got right to work. She gets on the table waiting to have her inner thights rubbed. Excellent shots of her pussy I spread that baby wide open! This girl is 22 years old and never done anything like this before. Complete Amature Model. She loves to be teased you will see in the video as I slowly rub her down and tease her then I break out her favorite toy she brought with her and stick it inside that tight pussy. I dildo her pretty hard for a bit until she cums!! Then she wants to please me so we reverse direction and she starts blowing me.. You get all three parts of the clip in this Video! Excellent amature action!In Windows Media Viewer HD!

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