Marie McCray Massage Full MP4

Clip Time: 24 Minutes Clip Size: 110/kb
Marie McCray Massage Full MP4

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Marie McCray wanted to have one of Sals famous massage orgasms. I dont think that she knew what was in store for her. Sal starts off nice and slow moving Maries hair off of her shoulders and gently massaging around her firm breasts down to her little pink clit. Sal rolls Marie onto her stomach and then rubs oil all over her back paying special attention to her delicate buttocks. He has Marie raise her hips off the table so he can have the perfect angle to rub her clit and ass. Sal then inserts a finger into Maries tight pussy and Marie begins to moan louder and louder with every push. Sal rolls her over onto her back once again for her first happy ending. Bringing out his magic wand, Sal massages Maries g-spot and tits at the same time as she clenches the sides of the table waiting for whats next. Keep an eye on Maries face and neck in this one. While she may have gotten red in her solo video I dont think that it even compares to what Sal does to her here.

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