Kimber Massage Full MP4

Clip Time: 27 Minutes Clip Size: 120/kb
Kimber Massage Full MP4

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Kimber has the most perfect flawless soft skin. I couldnt wait to get my hands on her and give her the best massage shed ever had. I was amazed when she told me this was the first massage shed ever had. Its likely to be a long time before she has one as good. I love the close-ups of Kimbers nipples growing rock hard and long, and her perfect pussy and hips pushing up against my fingers inside of her. Of course I finished her off with the magic wand and her final orgasm is a thing of beauty. Watch her face and listen to what she has to say at the end of the video! Im flattered!! Thank you Kimber, yours was probably the most enjoyable massage Ive ever given.

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