Brandy Bates Massage with Sal Part 6

Clip Time: 7 Minutes Clip Size: 92/kb
Brandy Bates Massage with Sal Part 6

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Brandy Bates long lanky body barely fits on the massage table as she climbs on but she manages to make herself perfectly comfortable for the amazing massage she is about to receive. Sals hands glide across Brandys tanned thin body moving from her small breasts and down until he finds her cute little vagina and pink asshole just begging for some gentle teasing. Sal really wants to experience Brandys long legs so he continues massaging down Brandys body taking some time to massage and caress her feet. Brandys pussy is dripping as Sal moves back up to rub her clit causing her butt rise in the air as she orgasms. Sal sticks two fingers in her little asshole opening it up and preparing it for some very long black anal beads. Brandy braces herself as Sal is not only pushing the beads in her ass but hes fiercely rubbing her clit at the same time. With all the beads shoved all the way up Brandys ass Sal decides its time to give Brandy a whole new sensation. He slowly pulls the beads out, Brandy twitches with excitement as Sal spreads her vaginal lips revealing their beautiful pink color… Then Sal sticks yet another toy in Brandys willing ass preparing her for a large red butt plug that stays in her as Sal flips her over and begins massaging her small, perky tits. Finding his way back to her clit Brandy shakes making her butt hole pulsate and finally push her butt plug out. Sal gets out a vibrator and finally the wand making Brandy squeal with delight as she orgasms over and over

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