Bella 4 Hand Massage Part 5

Clip Time: 5 Minutes Clip Size: 95/kb
Bella 4 Hand Massage Part 5

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Sandra lends Sal her hands in the sensual 4 hand massage video coming up next week with new girl Bella. Sandra and Sal had just finished massaging Jade Indica when Bella arrived at the door. After seeing Jades flushed face and hearing about her mind blowing orgasm Bella practically begged to be next in line. Sandra guides Bella to the massage table and you can see the immediate lust build between the two. Sal directs Sandras hands across Bellas smooth back, down to her firm butt cheeks and slowly over her clit making her squeel in ecstasy. Bellas ultimate excitement comes towards the end though, when Sal finally brings out the Magic Wand. This device is irresistible to all. Once finished, Bella stated that having a 4 hand massage with the happy ending was one of the greatest experiences in her life. By the look on her face Id say she was telling the truth.

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